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Welcome to Aqualife Swim Centre, Littlehampton

West Sussex

What is Aqualife Swim Centre?


Aqualife Swim Centre is a privately owned swimming pool based at Littlehampton Marina, 


We do not run swimming lessons, but our facilities are hired out to the most prestigious swim schools who offer a wide range of swimming lessons to suit all ages and abilities from babies to adults. All share a passion for teaching the life skill that is swimming and by choosing one of our partners you can be sure you/your child will receive a high level of tuition.

Find your perfect swim school by clicking here

Why Swim at Aqualife Swim Centre?

The calm environment here at Aqualife Swim Centre is a great introduction to swimming lessons. Warm water plays an important part in the enjoyment of swimming, that's why we aim to keep the pool water at 32 degrees to ensure a comfortable swimming experience. 

To ensure a high quality of pool water we test daily. A specialist pool company who maintain our plant room machinery also carry out extensive tests twice a month. In addition we send monthly water samples to a laboratory who specialise in testing pool water for swim schools. 

All these measures are put into place to maintain a high quality of water and to ensure safe swimming for all swimmers.   

We have onsite change rooms and parking.

© 2017 by Aqualife Swim Centre

​© 2017 by Aqualife Swim Centre

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