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On this page you will find some info on all of the Swim Schools that hire off us. 


You are also able to check their swim times over on the Pool Timetable page by clicking here.  There are also contact forms below the timetable you can send them a message.

All of the swim schools that use the Aqualife pool offer their own unique approach to teaching, have their own methods, syllabus and awards providing a wide variety of lessons to get everyone swimming  from babies right up to adults.

One thing they all have in common, is their passion for swimming and teaching a life skill in a safe and comfortable environment.


Waves Swim School  - For Babies, Children & Adults 

Lauren Candler and Cath Watson

Tel: 01903 931042



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Waves Swim School is a small and friendly swim school based in Littlehampton. We offer high quality, relaxed swimming lessons for all ages and abilities, from babies to adults, beginners to improvers.


Class sizes are small and lessons are structured to teach both swimming technique and vital water safety skills. Water confidence and fun are at the heart of our swimming lessons and we progress at your child's pace.


We follow the STA Learn to Swim Programme and teachers are fully qualified, fully insured, and DBS checked. 


Baby Steps Swim School - for babies, children & adults

Alison Beyer

Tel: 07565 437982


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Baby Steps Swim School's aim is to provide fun and relaxed lessons to enable your children to develop a love for the water.

The parent and baby lessons are structured around your child's development phases and water confidence levels to ensure that they are comfortable with the different activities and to give you mums and dads a more enjoyable lesson.  For the older children the lessons are structured to teach them swimming and safety skills but it is important that your child learns at their own pace so they feel confident in the water.


The lessons as based on the STA International Learn to Swim Programme, which offers a fun and comprehensive programme for all ages.

Turtle Tots - for babies and toddlers

Laura Rogers
Te:l: 07810 555990

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Hi I am Laura and I am bringing to Littlehampton the fabulous Turtle Tots baby and toddler swimming classes which teach you to swim with your young child, whilst giving you a fantastic toning workout at the same time!

You are welcome to join a Turtle Tots baby swimming class at any time from when your baby is newborn, until they are 14 months old. At our classes you will learn how to swim with your baby above and below the water and how to teach your baby water confidence and key lifesaving skills. Equally importantly, our baby swimming classes provide the most overwhelming bonding experience!

Our swimming classes for toddlers are a natural progression from our baby swimming classes. The course has been carefully designed with a balanced set of activities including swimming technique, safety skills, floating, individual and group work including songs and games. However, the emphasis remains on learning through having fun!

Of course all of our swimming classes for babies and toddlers are open to dads as well, who also love to come along, as they are so fun and enjoyable!

Come out of your shell and learn to swim the Turtle Tots way.

Seashells Swim School - for babies, children & adults


Hannah Tulley

Tel: 07596 871886



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Seashells Swim School on the Sussex Sea Shore


Small and Friendly swim school with engaging, fun and safe lessons.


Great for building water confidence and improving stroke technique.


Everyone is different and everyone learns at their own pace, our class numbers are kept very small and our lessons are flexible and relaxed.

The small numbers and relaxed approach means that you or your child benefit from more attention and lots of swim time. Meaning that progression is quicker over a shorter period of time.


We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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